Articles about vaccines in the media


Gary Null Calls Out Corzine on Vaccine - Part 1

Gary Null Calls Out Corzine on Vaccine - Part 2

Vaccination Choice Rally in Trenton, NJ on October 16, 2008


Press Release-Protein Sciences Announces FDA Clearance to Conduct Proof of Principle/Field Trial of FluBlok(TM), its Cell-Culture Influenza Vaccine-Enrollment of Subjects to Begin This Week at Three Sites

Bacteria Causes U.S. Flu Vaccine Shortage

Israeli scientists link Hodgkin's lymphoma to measles virus

Inadvertent Intradermal Administration of Tetanus Toxoid–Containing Vaccines Instead of Tuberculosis Skin Tests

Hepatitis Shot Tied to MS, Study Suggests

Doctors decry lack of Wyeth vaccine-Health policy officials urge rationing of Prevnar, which prevents meningitis

Pharmaceutical Plant Employee Fired After Raising Alarm Over Vaccine Production

Drug makers deceive doctors - Pay "authors" of major studies for use of their name, credibility; ask minimal participation in research or writing.

Product Approval Information - Licensing Action-DECAVAC-Tetanus and Diphtheria Toxoids Adsorbed (Td), For Adult Use, Manufacturer: Aventis Pasteur Inc, Swiftwater, PA
Approval Date: 3/24/2004

The Guardian-Wednesday January 14, 2004-Foregone conclusions: The public is being regularly deceived by the drug trials funded by pharmaceutical companies, loaded to generate the results they need.

BBC News-Thursday, 22 February, 2001-New concern over MMR-The controversial combined vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella has been linked to a rare bleeding disorder in children.

Effectiveness Over Time of Varicella Vaccine-February 18, 2004-National Network for Immunization Information

BioPort to sell anthrax vaccine to Taiwanese government- March 1, 2004





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